Outback Porta Privy Pop Up Shower Tent

Outback Porta Privy Pop Up Shower Tent

Pop-up tent technology makes assembly ridiculously fast and simple. The Outback Porta Privy Pop Up Shower Tent brings the convenience of “pop-up” functionality to the shower tent. The need for shower tents was realized because even campers appreciate some privacy – be it to change clothes, do their business, or to shower. The Outback Porta Privy Pop Up Shower Tent is one of the lightest-weight shower tents currently available.

Outback Shower Tent Features

The Outback shower tent’s greatest feature is its ease-of-use. You literally just toss the thing in the air and it springs-itself together. Could it get any simpler than that? There are also a few other noteworthy features this shower tent offers…

  • EZ Pop-Up technology
  • 54″ × 54″ × 80″ Dimensions
  • Nylon lining; waterproof
  • Open roof for hanging solar shower
  • Exterior clothesline
  • Zippers that glow in the dark
  • Removable flooring
  • Adjustable shower hose port
  • 2 integrated shower head holders
  • Handy carrying bag included

Outback Porta Privy Pop Up Shower Tent Review

Pros and Cons of Outback Porta Privy Pop Up Shower Tent

Major benefit of using the Outback Porta Privy Pop Up Shower Tent is that it could be set up in a matter of second once you know how to go at it. The pop up tent springs into shape as soon as you pull the disk out and throw it in the air. Similarly, packing it up is also remarkably clear-cut. Just figure out how once at home and you’ll be good to go.


  • Simple to install; takes mere seconds
  • Ventilation screens to pass fresh air inside
  • Spacious
  • Works equally well as a shower tent, bathroom shelter or changing room
  • Removable floor prevents standing in self-made mud
  • Collapses flat for convenient storage
  • Adjustable port for external shower hose
  • Clothesline accessible from inside, without having to open the door


  • The open roof design is fine for showering, but won’t keep you dry when it’s raining.
  • Though it does pack down to a nearly flat disk for storage, that disk is nearly 2 feet in diameter which can make it somewhat awkward for backpacking.

What’s Included?

The tent doesn’t come alone – it comes with a few useful accessories that will prove helpful in windy conditions.

  • A round carry bag for easy transport
  • Four tie downs
  • Four ground stakes

You will love the convenience of the Outback shower tent when you are camping. The Outback Porta Privy Pop Up Shower Tent works just as well at the beach as it does the campground – making a great EZ-up changing enclosure or a quick privacy tent to rinse the sand off before changing into dry clothes.

Best Price and Availability for Shower Tents

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Outback Porta Privy Pop Up Shower Tent Sale

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